Aren’t we just the cat’s pajamas?

The girls got early birthday presents today. We went out to hang up clothes when we noticed the box from UPS (who, by the way, told Kevin he wasn’t going to deliver here anymore because of Grumpy Roscoe–I hope he was kidding.) Aviana, taking after her mother, wanted to open her present right away, but I made her wait until Dada could come up to the yard and see too. After an agonizing half hour(for her because she had to wait; for me, because she asked if she could open it every five seconds) he finished chores and we could open it. From a dear college friend of mine, they got KittyCat Cards, KittyCat Beanie Babies, KittyCat stickers and these adorable KittyCat jammas from Old Navy, and buttons to wear at their party that read “I’m 3/1 today”. Everything was pink–Aviana’s favorite. She was just telling us today that she wants a pink pool, a pink slide, pink swings and pink trees.

After all the initial opening excitement was over, Aviana wanted to take everything out and play with all the presents, right then, there in the yard; she was so thrilled to pieces. When I repeatedly answered “no” to all her requests, she picked up a stick and in the same excited tone said, “Wook! Hewre’s a stict! May we pway wif this?”

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