Apron Fancy

I like aprons. As my bloggy friend Kim says, “For quite a while I’ve been wearing an apron in the kitchen. It makes me feel like I’m a real grown up. (Yes, apparently I need props for this.) When the kids come home from school and I’m wearing my apron, I’m more likely to feel like making them a snack. When guests arrive for dinner, I like having one on because it gives the illusion I’ve been slaving over the stove – just for them. I’m a professional wife and mom, and frankly, an apron just helps me feel like it.”

But the aprons I have are kind of frumpy–even if they are vintage.

So look what I bought today!

That’s from sassyaprons on Etsy. I can’t wait to open that package…

And Aviana is now stylin’ too. I got brave and used my sewing machine. I made a pattern out of newspaper. It’s serviceable, free (material I already had on hand), and quite sassy. I need to do a lot of fixin’ on it, (like I tried to use magnets as a neck clasp which I wouldn’t recommend, and I need to fix the pocket, and I actually sewed one of the scallops on the hem straight–sodon’t look too closely). Nevertheless, I pronounce it a successful first attempt.

15 thoughts on “Apron Fancy

  1. I love love aprons as well. I bought a few sassy ‘sexy’ ones on etsy last year…makes me feel womanly and motherly. why now embrace this role we have taken on?
    girl power!!

  2. Wow! You did a super adorable job, I love the fabric you chose!

    I’m the same way about aprons, they make me feel like I’m “for real”…lol. I’m afraid that apron you ordered is WAY too cute to allow you to get anything done, especially if Kevin is home when you’re wearing it!

  3. That fabric is perfection! I love how it fits your sweet girl perfectly. I am an apron girl too – I have a weakness for a good apron 🙂 And THAT apron you bought is a GOOD apron, my friend!


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