April Fools!

Oh the fun I have!

We called my mom; Brielle told her “There’s a big bwack bear in your yard!” And before my mom could even really react, she said delightedly, “Happy Fools Day!”

We put food coloring under the cereal so when we poured the milk on, it turned purple!

I said on my Facebook Status: I’m Pregnant! I got a lot of mileage with that, even though after about four comments, I capitulated and admitted the joke.

I made “cake” for supper. (It was really like a big calzone.)

I made “juice” which was really jello.

I put carrots into the packages of cheese crackers.

I made “pizza” for dessert. (Cake with red frosting, shredded white chocolate and coconut dyed yellow cheese, and fruitabu pepperoni)

Many thanks to Tasteofhome.com and Family Fun!

And this is my two year old nephew Titus and my eight month old son Cadrian. They weigh about the same.

No foolin’.

11 thoughts on “April Fools!

  1. So creative, Jess! We didn’t do a darn thing, LOL, but that’s okay! I really enjoyed reading about your day and all the jokes!!!

  2. That is so FUN!~ Man, y’all go ALL OUT!

    I particularly liked the idea of the food coloring in the cereal…my kids would have been so surprised!

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