Apple Orchard Adventures

When it’s the end of October in Iowa and in the 70’s, one has to take advantage. We went to the apple orchard with our friends, Aly and Elise, and my friend, their mama, Pam.

Before we left, Aviana said we should take The Wizard of Oz with us to watch at their house.
I said we weren’t going to go to their house, but that it would be a good idea sometime.
She said they really needed to watch the Wizard of Oz because Mrs. B always says “sissy to the girls” (as in addressing one girl, ‘Please wait for Sissy’, or ‘Will you hold Sissy’s hand?’) .
I still didn’t get it and asked Aviana what the Wizard of Oz had to do with that.
She said, “Betuz Mama, the Touwardwee Wion sings, (and she sang) ‘It’s sad beweeve me Missy, when you’re born to be a sissy…”

*hits hand to forehead*Of course!

As it turned out it wasn’t an Apple Orchard so much as an Apple Barn. They’ve redone an old barn to be their store. They have an orchard, but we didn’t actually get to go in it.

Aviana again amazed everyone in the place when she walked in. She asked the proprietor, “Do you have any Granny Smith?” Unfortunately, they didn’t, but if I were the owner, and an adorable precocious three year old asked me for Granny Smith, you can bet I’d be planting some trees the next day!

We didn’t stay too long, but we had a very nice time. Brielle enjoyed feeding leaves to the goats!
The deer tries to weasle a snack out of me.
Savoring the apple sample.

Aly and Aviana wore matching jeans!

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