Apparently, we aren’t smart enough to think for ourselves

This from Consumer Reports:

A BAD BUY Though the Consumer Product Safety Commission outlawed lawn darts in the U.S., we were able to buy them on eBay from a British seller. CPSC spokesman Scott Wolfson told us the agency is working with eBay to ensure there are no more U.S. auctions of lawn darts.

Lawn Darts

I must not be responsible enough to decide for myself if I and my family should play lawn darts. The Government has to step in and decide for me. Do I really need a Government that thinks I am such an idiot, it needs to tell me to buckle up in my own car, not use my blowdryer while sleeping in my own house, and what games I can play in my own yard?

As an aside to this tirade, can you guess the first Government to ban smoking in public places?

Give up?

The Nazis.

One thought on “Apparently, we aren’t smart enough to think for ourselves

  1. I miss lawn darts. Had totally forgotten about them until your post. We had a set when we were kids. I wonder what happened to them.
    As for why the government regulates everything, that is because we have people who will burn themselves on hot coffee and then sue the person who made the coffee. People in America don’t want to be responsible for themselves and what happens to them.

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