And then…

I got sick. Very very sick.

Today I left my house for the first time in a week! A week, people! I spent all seven days in a prone position too, except when I was kneeling at the porcelain throne. Not fun.

I’m feeling back to normal–well, my stomach still does hurt a bit, but it’s negliglble compared to how it was.

I spent the first few days doing nothing. Well, I moaned a lot. Then I watched a lot of movies. And TV. I’m totally into V now. We don’t have a laptop, so I couldn’t even be online at all. I was too sick even read! Although, yesterday, I did listen to the entire book of The Silver Chair. That’s 6 hours. SIX!

Today I had all the kids with me. We’ve been farming them out to friends and relations (Godsends, really). I’ve missed them. We had a great day overall. It’s good to be vertical.

I found a couple good sites. I love fonts. I’m proud to say I actually knew the name of the font the credits were in of one of the many movies I watched.

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The other is It’s kinda funny. I don’t know if they are actually petitioning or not, but they say since ’09 was kinda sucky, they want to end 2009 a month early, and start 2010, a new year of hope. People put up all their reasons why they want to get out of this year, from the facetious (my pet rock ran away) to the serious (I didn’t get pregnant this year). I dont’ know that I really want to end the year early, and can’t think of a good reason to.Can you?

2 thoughts on “And then…

  1. Oh, girl. Sorry you were sick!!

    TRUST ME….I can think of many reasons I'd like this year to be over. But I've learned that life isn't all about living through the easy times.

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