And a better day it was too!

Everyone was feeling better today–Thank you Jesus!–including me.

It was SUCH a relief that Brielle was back to herself. That whining was not at all tolerable. Plus I felt bad she felt bad! Cadrian still seemed to have some digestive issues, but he was eating again and acting happy and non-clingy. And Aviana was truly a joy.

We actually got into town. I bought some miscellaneous ‘necessities’ at Michael’s, then went next door to get the girls new swimsuits. Of course they had to pick the ones that look like tutus. Always frilly, my little farm girls.

And what’s a trip to town without a stop at Chic-fil-a? Or a quick jaunt to the scrapbooking store?

This afternoon, we had a version of quiet time during which Aviana did some school. I’ve started getting some of her materials for next year, and she can’t wait until next year.

After Cadrian woke up, and Aviana left for Good News Club, I could barely keep my eyes open. Whew! I never know when that exhaustion wall is going to hit me, but when it does, look out!

I got a rough draft started for our Super Summer Challenge, as well as a template made for our 21 Meals. I decided to stop figuring out what we’ll have to eat every night, and just have a three week rotation of basically the same meals. Hopefully it won’t get too monotonous.

I let Brielle watch some PBS, while I watched Cadrian explore his world out of doors.

Now, speaking of PBS, I’m going to watch Food Inc for the second time (it’s on at 8 for those of you in CST, 9 in the East, and I have no idea when you Mountain and Pacific people watch!) I highly recommend you view it.

And I’ll probably knit while watching. At least until I get to the point (I’m nearly there) where I don’t understand the directions anymore.

4 thoughts on “And a better day it was too!

  1. I watched Food, Inc. the other night too cause you mentioned it was on.

    AMAZING!! I new things were bad in the meat packing plants and chicken farms but I chose not to think about it. What I never realized is how ALL our food is owned by about 4 companies. Very eye opening stuff!

    The story about the farmers and the seed companies was just heart breaking.

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