I’m happy to brag about report all the ambition I’ve displayed today.

*I scrubbed the kitchen floor on my hands and knees.

Partly this was because it hasn’t been done for so long that the stickiness wouldn’t be removed by a mop unless it had a blowtorch apparatus, and partly because my mop is falling apart (which is partly why it hasn’t been done in so long. The other reason I put it off is it seems so pointless–a scant 6 hours later: cereal, crackers, spaghetti, cheese, mud, grass, dead flies, water, lemonade, juice, cantaloupe, grapes and a fit throwing small child have all made their way onto, and been painstakingly removed from, my sparkling linoleum.)

*I vacuumed the entire downstairs.

*I made all our beds.

*I organized all the toys in the girls’ room.

*I got all the preschool stuff off of the dining room table, and put away in an orderly fashion. (I award myself extra points for the orderly fashion)

*I got all the random junk cleared off the kitchen table and put away. (Again, extra points)

*I made a yummy lunch for two friends who were here to scrap and Kevin and me.
>Baked Spaghetti
>Creamy Grape Salad
>Carrot & Apple Slaw

*I did a layout in our wedding scrapbook, leaving me only two or three to complete before it’s entirely done!

*After my friends left, Aviana wanted to do some “messy preschool” so I set her up fingerpainting with corn syrup and food coloring. Extra points are awarded for keeping the baby out of it, off the table, and not getting too irritated by her incessant cry/whine when she couldn’t demolish everything as was her dream.

*And then I took them outside to play, which is a big deal for me, since my allergies seem to always insist I stay an indoor girl.

Kevin had a nice treat for Miss A too: They went fishing, just the two of them. I was so excited for her!

One thought on “Ambition

  1. Wow, I just love days like that and they don’t make sense, do they? Seems like the more I put on my list to do, the more I get done. Pressure’s on and all that. So glad you got to have friends over too, that grape salad sounds sooo good!

    I’m really getting some upset commenter’s over at my blog on those child-training posts! Oh well, controversy keeps things interesting!

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