Amazing Grace and Randomness

* We watched the movie Amazing Grace tonight. It was an amazing portrayal of the struggles William Wilberforce went through to get slavery abolished in England. Plus, as an added bonus for me, I love the costumes!

*I sometimes wish I would have lived in another century. I love the apparent romance, beauty, and simplicity (forgetting the realities of the positions of women in days gone by, no sanitation, and all the work involved to simply make a meal!) of the 18th and 19th centuries especially. Of course I would have been nearly blind most of my life and Aviana and I would have died in pregnancy, so I don’t really wish it. But sort of.

*Brielle went to spend the day with my dad. Kevin had a meeting near him, and dropped her off with him. Kevin also had two other guys riding along to the meeting with him.

*Brielle threw up in the van before he picked up the other guys. Brielle threw up all over one of the guys on the way. Brielle threw up twice in my dad’s charge, once all over the library. She threw up in the van and all over herself on the way back home. In between puking sessions though, they said she was golden and an utter joy.

*Since Brielle got home, she was in chipper and wonderful spirits. No vomiting to be heard or seen. Perhaps she got a touch of my stomach virus/nastiness, and I won’t even have to deal with it!

*Aviana and I had a “Mama and Aviana” day. Before Quiet time/Rest time, Aviana told me, “Dis is my favorwite tynde of day. I just wuv it when it’s dist Mama and Aviana and not the west of da famiwee.” We didn’t do much. We read books, and made a pie, and snuggled in bed. How can you not love that kind of attention?

*Bobbi, our cleaning lady, was here today. (For Christmas, Kevin “gave” her to me for a couple hours twice a month.) After she left, I was doing some cleaning of stuff she doesn’t do, like cleaning all the fingerprints off the refrigerator and the crumbs from inside of drawers. It’s not like Aviana never sees me clean, but it was still pretty funny when she said, “Who are you pwetending to be, Bobbi?”

3 thoughts on “Amazing Grace and Randomness

  1. What a nice day with your girl! I love it when I can spend one on one time with mine. It’s like they come alive under all that attention.

    I hope you miss out on any stomach yuckies! Eve did that to us the other night – she threw up once and not again – she was in great spirits, had an appetite, totally normal. We had just returned from being in the car so maybe it was car sickness? I don’t know, but I did freak out a little with the lysol. I was imagining three vomiting kids…. ugg.

    A cleaning lady is my dream. I asked Daniel for that for Valentine’s Day but he talked me out of it – with moving so soon. I was bummed, but it made sense. Someday I will have the joy of having a “Bobbi!”


  2. In between puking sessions though, they said she was golden and an utter joy.

    That made me really giggle. Your poor dad, but it sounds like he had it under control.
    Thanks for the note! I’m looking forward to reading more of your farming adventures. One of the things I’ve felt really blessed with are the adventures with extended family. They take us for what we are; sick or not sometimes.

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