Am I so weird?

I didn’t like the design on a box tissues my mom picked up for us, so I opened it from the side, took out all the tissues, opened the old box, put all the tissues in, and taped it shut. After I did it, I thought to myself, “Who has time for that?”

Me, apparently.

So that’s what we are:

Aviana to me while nursing the baby: You’re a newrswer.
“Oh really”
“And Bwee-elle’s a eatwer.”
“And I’m a totwer.”
“And Dada’s a wowr-twer”
“And Ameeya’s a duddwer.”
“And Tassy’s a wunnwer.”
“And Deejee doz wif Tassy.”

(translation: You’re a nurser. Brielle’s an eater. I’m a talker. Dada’s a worker. Amelia’s a juggler. Cassy (my parents’ dog) is a runner. And Gigi goes with Cassy.)

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