All about me –sort of

I was tagged–Thanks Rachel!
What I was doing ten years ago: I was finishing up my first real semester of teaching. Spanish to freshmen and sophomores. One of my students just had her first baby!

Five things on my to-do list today: I don’t have a to-do list. I prefer a got-it-done list. But that said: 1*fold Kevin’s clothes that are in the dryer,2* make part two of my storybook CD collection, 3*find the phone that goes by the computer, 4*email my cc # to my Stampin Up friend to pay for my order and 5* make chicken taco mac and cheese

Things I would do if I were a billionaire: Travel lots and lots. Completely revamp the farm. Buy a whole menagerie of animals. Hire all the cleaning and house care done. Try to live a simple life still.

Three of my bad habits: (I have the same bad habits of two of my bloggie friends who did this first)–leaving cabinets open and staying up too late; I have lots to add to that but I’ll just go with saving my make-up to put on in the car, letting the sink fill with dirty dishes before I get to them, and not picking up after myself even though this drives me batty!

Five places I’ve lived: CO (many many towns), IL, IA (8+/- towns)

Five jobs I’ve had: teacher, ice cream girl, working at a home for mentally disabled, day care worker, and florist

Five people I want to know more about: You! COMMENT to let me know!

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