Ahh, Target…

I’m almost in Target withdrawal–since I was there three days in a row, which for me, is a definite record!

Monday we rushed in to buy a birthday present and a few necessities; apples, crib mattress cover, body pillow case, scrub brush.

Tuesday we had a little time to spare, met a friend there and was a bit more leisurely in our shopping. We played with all the dancing reindeer and snowmen, the jingle bell tree the snow globes, and the train sets. Brielle even fell asleep in the cart. I bought a star for the top of our tree, a present for Aviana (yes, even though she was with me), a few presents for Kevin and a friend.

Wednesday we met up with my college friend who now lives in PA at the biggest mall in Iowa. I ran out of wipes so we had to go to Target. (where else?) Besides the wipes, (because who besides Britney Spears can only buy one thing at Target?), I got a cute maternity outfit on clearance and jammas for Miss Brielle who had been, up ’til now, forced to alternate between her sister’s castoffs and dragging the feet behind her since they were too long, and size twelve month footie pajamas which caused her to walk stiff legged as they were too short and she couldn’t bend her knees. Her new ones are just right.

I would think of an excuse to go to Target today, so as not to break my streak, but we’re all still in our pajamas~ Aviana has accessorized hers by adding a ballerina outfit over the top.

One thought on “Ahh, Target…

  1. The pj’s thing… I was in mine until 4 this afternoon (blushing). It felt good but kind of scary too – if anyone had come to the door….

    I am so envious – how I miss Target. We went from a Super Target to no Target. That hurts a girl’s heart, you know.


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