Afterfun aftermath

Yesterday was super fun at the kids’ Super Hero Party.

Today everyone is hot and a tich cranky. The day has gone pretty well, minus the big tantrum Cadrian had when I left to go to the chiro with the girls. He was going to go to another farm with Dada to look at a silo unloader and suddenly “ganged his mind”. I had to discipline him to make him get out of the door of the van. Sigh.

Then I was running late and the chiro called me to see where I was.

Despite all that though, I still had an excellent blood pressure after my adjustment.

Brielle helped make lunch and thankfully she was not near the stove when I almost dropped a pot of boiling water. I burned my finger in the process but the egg white helped and I’m in hardy any pain.

For he will order his angels to protect you wherever you go. Psalm 91:11 was certainly true for us today. I could have dropped that pot on my feet, or belly, or small children could have easily been in the way.

The chiddlers were excellent during quiet time which is always a blessing, so I can rest as ordered.

Denton is having a stubborn streak. We’re potty training and he will go whenever we tell him to, but not without being prompted. So when things get busy, like the day we were setting up for the party–uh-oh! Also sometimes he will cry and fuss at me when I tell him to go and then it is a battle of wills.

He is such a delight and can be such a stinker! He got promoted to a booster at mealtime, but now he tries to stand up and grab other people’s food and wrestle with his brother. I decided a good name for him is Lil Dynamo!

Aviana hung out a load of clothes for me. Although she accidentally hung out a basket of dirty dry clothes, we got it remedied with very little fuss and only a few tears.

Kevin sent me inside again, saying it’s too hot out there for me. I never thought I would be complaining about being forced to rest!

Aviana is having a hard time getting along with others. So am I frankly. God puts people in your life for a reason, but it is challenging to “love others with a genuine love.” I certainly can’t do it under my own power.

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