Adventures with Eagles

We attended a very very very crowded event on Sunday. We went with some friends so that part was fun, but trying to keep track of everyone in the mad mass of humanity was not. It was “environmental” and had several animal shows, but was really too crowded to really get to see anything well.

The girls enjoyed themselves nevertheless, as small children are wont to do, despite the stress of the adults around them. Once again, the small children in my life teach me a lesson in sanity. Enjoy every little moment.

Baby Archaeologists Finding Fossils

An actual Bald Eagle and a replica of its nest
Aviana and her friend Sophia
A Child Sized Labyrinth
A Very Groovy Eagle Hat
(Oh yeah, I got my hair cut!)

An Electric Personal Transport

Quite Possibly the Very Best Part

4 thoughts on “Adventures with Eagles

  1. We did not venture out to that event, but it looks like you all had fun 🙂
    PS – Your hair looks really cute! I just had my curly mane tamed yesterday….
    Congrats on entering the 2nd trimester 🙂

  2. dad says:

    Well if you want opa will take you to see a real eagles nest. this spring when it has eaglets in it nowit has mom and pop and many of the preveious eagles in the area and they alwys set in the same tree. It is one of my favorite places. 5 sucessful hatches have taken place. It is by one of the wetalnds that I helped to restore! Love Dad you be the memory on this!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Your hair looks GREAT!
    You have a wondeful family. I enjoyed your week in the Country mag. Congrats to you for being so real. From Watts in St Pete Beach, FL

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