About Brielle

I love how Brielle smells. She’s a scentful combination of fresh skin, sweet milk and the miracle oflife. I love how she grunts and snorts like a piglet when she’s come unlatched from the breast and is trying to find the nipple again. I love how she moves her head back and forth and seems to butt my breast as if she were a newborn calf learning to nurse. I love how she sighs and relaxes with contentment, one tiny hand clutching my neck when I put her up on my shoulder. I love how she’ll make eye contact with me and will frequently smile when I am inches from her tiny face or when I stroke her soft cheek. I love her eyelashes, each one clearly defined on her cheek as she slumbers and yet barely measurable in length or breadth. I love how her nine pounds is covered in blond peach fuzz, especially on her thighs and shoulders. I love how her Buddah boobies and fat little milk belly are placed atop legs so skinny and useless. I love her belly button, right now an outie, desperately trying to be an innie. I love how she’ll lie relaxed in my arms and fall asleep. I love how she will allow herself to be put down and won’t cry. I love how she rarely has moments of inexplicable fussiness. I love how she’ll soundly sleep for three hours at a time. I love her soft little head encompassed by dark silky hair that is long enough to get messy and stick out. I love the blue of her eyes. I love her feet, each one as long as my thumb, usually pink, but sometimes one will turn an odd shade of purple; hands, reaching out, grasping for nothing and everything; her little mouth, her top lip a perfect bow complete with a nursing callous. I love how she’ll sometimes try to suck on my bottom lip, as if she already knows that I am the one who comforts and cares for her. I love this breath of heaven, this bundle of God’s perfection, created with a special purpose and place in our family, and in this world, this whisper of our Maker’s love for us.

One thought on “About Brielle

  1. That is so beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing! I love the pictures, and you absolutely have a beautiful family!

    I sent you a wedding invitation so you would have a picture of us. Did you get it? I’m not sure I have the right address!

    God bless you!


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