Both babies are sleeping in the recliner next to me. Aviana is snoring a bit. Incidentally, this is the third day in a row she has napped. She is so hard to figure out. We’ve had a splendid day so far though.

We got up and got ready and Daddy took us out to breakfast. Quite the special treat. Then I went and got the girls’ eyes checked and we went to story hour. I made a new friend, which is always special. Then after a rather meager lunch (I have GOT to go grocery shopping!), Aviana headed to her room for “Quiet Time Play Time” and I nursed Brielle to sleep and read the first four chapters of The Count of Monte Cristo.

It’s pretty good so far, but the copy I have smells old and rather musty, so I think I’m going to have to trade it in for a less stinky book. My cousin and I have a cute little book club whereby we read the same book (she lives a bit over 2 hours away) and then we get together to watch the movie. This is our second book.

We’re trying to be cerebral by reading a ‘classic’, but it’s challenging when most of my brain power is used up deciding between monumental choices like if it’s better to (A) try and get the floor swept one handed whilst holding the baby and it being an exhausting workout,(B) to try and keep the baby from crawling through and eating the dirt pile whilst sweeping or (C)forego the sweeping altogether.

When in doubt, choose (C).

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