35 weeks pregnant

Baby C weighs about 6 lbs (2750g) and measures about 20.7 inches (46cm) in length. Crown to rump measurement is about 13.5 inches (34cm). He now feels lower in my pelvis, contributing, I’m sure, to the sometimes excruciating, but fortunately not constant pain, I feel there. I asked my chiro how to make the pelvic adjustment last longer, and he, ever helpful, answered, “Have the baby.” Thanks Doc.
Our baby continues to grow, kick, and move about. He has the hiccups right now which make my belly jump in response. He is probably feeling quite cramped right now and his movements are restricted by his growing size. (So they say. I say he’s still moving around like Chinese acrobats.) Our baby’s face has filled out and the cheeks now look plump and full. Fat baby cheeks are caused by fat deposits, but also by powerful sucking muscles which our baby has been honing by sucking his thumb. His skull is firm, but it is not hard as it needs to give a little when it is passing through the birth canal. He’s head down by now, with his spine on my left side. Kathy, our midwife, said that in her experience, a left lying baby contributes to a better birth. Yay me! It was so fun yesterday for her to feel parts, and say “Oh, feel that, that’s his knee! Ooooh, here’s a shoulder!” Me, I just feel hard little bumps and Kevin feels not much of anything in the way if identifiablity.

In fact, he’s SO head down, she measured wrong the first time obtaining my fundal height–which is from the pelvic bone to the top of the uterus. She mistook his hard little head for my bone.

The fine lanugo hair that covered our baby is shedding, though some may still be present when your baby is born.

His fingernails are growing. They already reach the tips of his fingers and they may even look quite long and pointy by the time he is born. He may even have some scratch marks from scratching his face with his fingernails.

Next week, at 36 weeks, he’s considered full term! Hooray!

And Kathy, the midwife, and Jenny, the assistant, will be coming to the house for the rest of our appointments, instead of my going there. Again, Hooray!

I’m actually starting to look forward to giving birth. You know in Spanish, a phrase for having a baby is “dar la luz” which literally, in English translates to Give the Light.

I am going to savor every moment of the rest of this pregnancy. And I am going to treasure the ability and privilege and process of dando la luz.

And if I don’t, I give you permission to smack me upside the head.

14 thoughts on “35 weeks pregnant

  1. Oh! I’m so excited for you and we’re only new blog friends! Okay…do you have a laptop? You need to set up a remote blog site beside your bed so we can be notified of the birth when it happens! Hee, hee, hee! You better give Kevin a few blog lessons! I can’t wait to hear about your home birth. If you remember, e-mail me if you go into early labor…if it’s one of those births where you’re able to do a whole house full of work before you actually deliver…and I’ll be on my knees for you. Can’t wait! There are lots of us “Blog Aunties” waiting to meet the new little member of our little blogging family! 😀

  2. he’s looking really handsome, i’m sure- the last weeks are certainly the hardest! i’m glad you’ve got such great perspective- what a special time, you’ll never have a time just like this with him again. babies are SO much easier to care for when they’re still in the belly, too 🙂


  3. Great pictures -you look amazing!! I love that pregnancy glow! I’m so glad all is well, head down, spine to the left . . . sounds like you’re ready to go. I hope you enjoy the last few weeks!

  4. Kj says:


    I came here from a comment you left on my blog ref ccc headshot and have enjoyed a browse over your posts.

    Your sweeties look adorable in their headshots. So fun. And now you’re ramping up for a third. Exciting! I wish you the very best and hope you enjoy every moment.

    Keep on blogging.


  5. You’re so close! I loved what your chiro said!!! It’s okay if you can’t decipher what bump is what! Just so you know he’s head-down is GREAT!

  6. That’s exciting that you’re plannig a homebirth! My one homebirth was the best one of the six…Something about being at home…

    Can’t wait to see baby pictures!!

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