23 weeks pregnant–or pregnick

We started calling the baby Baby Fizzy–those early movements can feel fizzy, but mostly it’s because my friend offered up her children’s names if we wanted to use them…only starting with an F of course: Femma, Folly, Foolia, Fandrew or Fizzy. We are definitely going with Fizzy.

Although, four year old Denton did suggest we name the baby Fat.

I have figured out why I’ve kind of quit blogging.

I am lazy.

It’s infinitely easier to post on Facebook or Instagram little sound byte snippets of my life, rather than to sit down and “think” of a blog post.

Additionally, blogging has changed so much in the past eight years. When I started this blog, expecting Brielle, blogging was fairly new. No one really knew what it was. Now, everyone has one.

And, I feel like everyone expects a blogger to have some sort of revealing insight or amazing intellect to offer, and frankly, I’m just too tired for that jazz. When I started this blog, my parents didn’t live locally. Facebook hadn’t taken off yet. It wasn’t so easy to share photos and life bits with people as it is now, and that was my primary reason for starting this blog.

I love to write. I just feel like I don’t have much of anything to say.

One thought on “23 weeks pregnant–or pregnick

  1. Thank you Jessica for sharing your life with us. I have followed you since I saw your article in the Country magazine(maybe you were pregnant with Brielle(?)). What a blessing to see how you choose to live your life and love the Lord, your husband, your kids, your family. As long as you keep this blog, I will continue to come see what's up with you and your family. Thanks again for sharing and making me think! Lori from Massachusetts

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