17 weeks

So I’m about a week and a half late posting this since now I’m 18 and a half weeks pregnant, but so be it.
Life gets busy. Once again, photography by Brielle. I just love her sweet self.
Babe E is about the size of a sweet potato and making his/her presence known on a regular basis. Babe E is getting fingernails and hard bones. He or she is putting on the weight too. 
I’m sleeping better thanks to my chiro’s recommendation to take 1600 g of calcium before bed. I am almost sleeping through the night every night. Minus wickedly real dreams, like that we had our baby now! 🙁 Right now our baby only weighs about 7 ounces. So that would be bad. Very bad. I woke up sad it was that real. 
Sometimes, I forget I’m pregnant and then I’ll feel someone wiggle and jiggle and tickle inside me and I’ll smile and remember.
It’s a good feeling.

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