12 Weeks Pregnant–beginning the second Trimester!

Finally, I am done sleepwalking! I knew I had been feeling tired pretty much the entire month of December, but I didn’t know how bad it really was until now that I’m feeling a semblance of normal! Plus I am finally over my wracking cough, so that’s all peachy too!
Our baby is about the size of a peach and is growing rapidly. Crown to rump, our baby measures about 3 inches and weighs almost an ounce. Our baby’s legs are longer than her arms and her skin is red and transparent. Her eyelids are fused together and won’t open for about four more months. Her arms are long enough to reach her mouth and she may begin to place her thumb in her mouth. Her sucking reflex, however, is not yet developed. The tissue that will become your baby’s bones is being laid out, especially around her head and her arms and legs. Some ribs may be distinguished at this time. The nose and chin are more prominent now. Our baby will begin to practice breathing in the next few weeks as her chest rises and falls in mock breathing motions. She will also swallow small amounts of amniotic fluid which will be passed as urine. The placenta is providing all of our baby’s needs for nutrition, oxygen and waste disposal, though the amniotic fluid will become more important later on. All major components of the body are formed and now must grow and mature. From now on, our baby’s development will consist primarily of organ maturity and growth and body refinement.

At our first midwife appointment, I found I have gained only 2 pounds (Yay me!), and best of all we heard Baby C’s heartbeat- 164 beats per minute! I’m so glad to be in the second trimester and am enjoying all three of my babies–especially the ones who chase each other through the house giggling!

3 thoughts on “12 Weeks Pregnant–beginning the second Trimester!

  1. Congratulations!! Glad you are feeling a bit more normal, it’s hard keeping up with the other ones when you’re under the weather yourself. Have a great day!

  2. This is the best time to create a diet & exercise plan that you can over with you throughout your pregnancy. be definite to clear these along with your doctor before beginning, its lovely for your level of health & fitness in second & third trimesters. Good Luck. 12 weeks pregnant

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