12 months–aka ONE YEAR

My baby’s a year now. I have mixed emotions. He’s beautiful. I love this age. I love his snuggles and hugs. I’m thrilled he’s developing normally and wonderfully. If he’s our last–I’m not ready to be done with babyhood.

He’s zooming around on all fours. He’s getting into anything and everything. He’s adept at exploring the world around him.

He refuses to sign, even though he has signed “nurse” for example, he usually only does it when he wants out of his high chair or out of his car seat, and steadfastly won’t do it when he wants to nurse, preferring the oh-so-subtle indicator of banging his head on my chest while trying to lift my shirt.

He loves to swing and of course be carried around. He doesn’t laugh frequently, but when he does he is completely contagious. He seems to be a more introverted baby than his big sisters, not vying for attention, but getting it nevertheless with that adorable six toothed smile and those gorgeous eyes.

Here is my sweet boy not walking.

And still not walking.

And. Still. Not. Walking.
But having a grand time nonetheless. I admit I am surprised that he isn’t walking. He crawled even sooner than Brielle did, and she was walking at nine months. He’s taken four steps total in his life, but I guess since he can get where he wants already, he doesn’t need to waste the energy figuring out something new.

4 thoughts on “12 months–aka ONE YEAR

  1. He is such a cutie! Don't worry…if he doesn't walk for a while he's in good company. Neither did Micah. I was laughing out loud as you would hold his hands and try to let go and he woul just sink to the floor!

  2. Kaitlyn did all of her physical milestones earlier than her big sister EXCEPT walking. Don't rush the walking though. It just leads to more trouble, hehehehe. Especially with those curious boys. I am amazed everyday at how different it is having a boy after having two girls. Oh and CJ wouldn't use his baby signs when we wanted him to either. He's been a battle of wills actually. I want him to sign all done when he's done eating instead of screeching and throwing his food on the floor. He on the other hand would much rather screech and throw his food on the floor, but then sign all done when I'm in the middle of a diaper change and he's ready to get up and play ;). Umm, yeah that's not going to work.

  3. Okay, so I just went back and actually watched the videos of his attempt at walking and I have a suggestion for you. Have you tried putting shoes on him? I know it seems like it wouldn't work, but it helped a lot for CJ. Gave him a little more stability. Oh and a donut is a great motivator ;). That was what got CJ to walk the first time. We were on vacation and I was sitting in our hotel room eating a donut and he decided he wanted it and didn't even realize he had let go of the dresser and walked over to me on the bed ;). He didn't end up eating the donut in the end, but for whatever reason it got him walking.

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