101 Things

1. I am a Christian
2. I am a mom
3. A pretty good one too!
4. I am a wife
5. Does it mean something that I listed mom before wife?
6. Well, I do take care of my daughter 15 hours a day
7. I only take care of my husband about 4 hours a day
8. And he doesn’t cry as much
9. But he too likes my cooking
10. He’s a farmer
11. That’s why I’m a farmer’s wife
12. NOT a farm wife
13. I stay up late
14. I’ve been up past midnight every night for over a week
15. One of those nights I was up until 5
16. I was reading a really good book
17. I love to read
18. It was Babylon Rising, by Tim LaHaye
19. I recommend it.
20. And pretty much everything else Tim writes
21. Yeah, Tim. We’re on a first name basis
22. Except he doesn’t know my name.
23. I love browsing on eBay.
24. I also love reading other people’s blogs.
25. Total strangers who let me into their lives.
26. Kinda weird, I know.
27. But that is why I started my own blog.
28. Even though I don’t have a lot of people reading this.
29. I’m not a very consistent person.
30. I have a hard time forming habits.
31. Unless they’re bad.
32. I have a hard time cleaning up after myself.
33. I expect applause when I put the cookbook away.
34. Luckily, I have an accomodating husband.
35. I love to scrapbook.
36. I love to take pictures.
37. I love to BE in pictures.
38. But only if I look good.
39. And I try to pretend like I don’t like to be in pictures because I don’t want people to think that I think I’m “All That”
40. ‘Cuz I don’t. And I’m not. Much anyway.
41. I have a bit of sarcastic sense of humor.
42. Sometimes people don’t get me.
43. But I wish they did.
44. I only wash my hair a couple times a week.
45. It dries it out too much.
46. I hate to take showers.
47. I hate to be cold.
48. I live in a house that is over 150 years old.
49. It’s a cold house.
50. My husband grew up in this house.
51. But at that time the walls were not “spartan stone” and this deep burgandy of which I forgot the name but I really love.
52. I hate it when people use “your” for “you’re”.
53. I’m not very organized.
54. But I try to be.
55. It’s a never ending battle.
56. I would like to be a “list maker”
57. I doubt that will ever happen.
58. I don’t have a favorite holiday.
59. I love autumn.
60. I love getting together with my family.
61. I love getting together with my friends.
62. I love getting together with my friends and family to scrap and take pictures and read.
63. Ok we don’t really do that, but wouldn’t that be an ideal day?!
64. I used to have a serious problem with credit cards.
65. It’s only Thanks to God I licked that one!
66. I can speak Spanish.
67. But probably not as well as when I was teaching.
68. I was a Spanish and ESL teacher before I was a MOM.
69. I like being a mom better.
70. The compensation is much less measurable however.
71. I was in my 2nd to last semester of college when I decided I wanted to be a nurse/midwife.
72. But I was sick of school.
73. So it’s a good thing I loved teaching!
74. Our internet is so slow~ It’s pathetic how much I’m on it.
75. I love to watch movies
76. We try to not watch any rated R ones.
77. I love to play board games
78. I like the “Newlywed Game”
79. I have never been happier than I am right now.
80. Well, not at THIS moment- in this life stage.
81. I shop for my daughter more than I do for me.
82. She looks cute in anything.
83. Not just my humble opinion, ask anyone!
84. If I had a signature color, it would be purple.
85. But I don’t really own that much purple.
86. I started liking purple because when I was 9, I overheard my friend’s mom tell someone I looked good in purple.
87. And it may still be true.
88. I had no problem turning 30.
89. I didn’t even notice.
90. I can’t even remember what I did for my birthday.
91. Which is in August.
92. I used to think that peridot was really ugly.
93. But now I kinda dig it.
94. I like silver better than gold.
95. I wear the same jewelry all the time.
96. I’m all about streamlining.
97. I think it’s weird that there are other SAHM’s who have on lipstick all the time.
98. Don’t you get lipstick all over your child when you cover him/her with kisses?
99. Because you should.
100. Kiss him/her all over. And frequently.
101. Now I really should get to bed.

written 17 Nov 2005 at 2:17 a.m.

3 thoughts on “101 Things

  1. carriek says:

    Had to comment on this list since no one else did. You sound like me. Your not You’re list cracks me up! I live on an old cold farmhouse as well that belongs to my husbands parents across the street. Yes, it’s cold especially today at -15 degrees (10 miles south east of Rockford IL) off the Kishwaukee River. Anyway, you are entertaining! I’m never on the computer but I had to see your blog after reading your article in Country. Have a good weekend.–Carrie K. (cherry valley IL)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Your list is soo funnny! We have nothing in common, except motherhood. bUt that perhaps is the most important thing in our life, tho. I am not a christian, am celtic you see so follow a different path, but all paths lead to the divine.
    love reading, films, playing with my girls, baking , being out side( Did I say I’m in England?) I’m a teacher, but like to grow veggies in the garden! best wishes Sarah

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