10 Things I’m Loving Right Now-and I Guarantee You Will Too!

In no particular order, I wanted to share with you 10 things that I am adoring right now. I know that you will love them too!

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1-Do it on a Dime on YouTube. Chock full of ideas, these videos show how to organize your home, inexpensive DIYs, how to shop discount stores and websites. I just love Kathryn’s channel so much. The videos are short, to the point, and informative every time. She packs so many ideas into five or six minutes, it’s incredible. Plus Kathryn is so perky, she makes me smile with every video I watch. Subscribe and you won’t be disappointed.

2-Bali Wirefree Bra:This is basically the only bra I wear. I have two luckily. They have lasted for several years. They are so comfortable, I’m not completely dying at the end of the day to get it off. I can’t recommend this highly enough.absolute best and most comfortable bra ever3-Sunbeam Heating Pad My chiropractor told me that you need moist heat on your muscles and I find it really does make a difference. When it’s cold out, I turn the heating pad on in my bed and it is such a treat to myself to climb into a warm bed. I love being barefoot, but I hate cold feet. I sometimes sit barefoot with my feet on this. It helps when my legs ache. I love it when my neck is achy or my back hurts at the end of the day. It shuts off after two hours, so if I fall asleep, I don’t have to worry about overheating. It’s also a great size, able to go from your shoulders to mid back.

absolute best heating pad moist heat

4-Mouse Pad and Keyboard Wrist Rest Support I’ve had trouble with tendonitis in my wrists since college-too much scooping ice cream. These “bumps” help so much when I’m working on my laptop. I don’t have to worry about fatigue or achiness in my wrists as much because they really offer the support everyone needs. I put these in my backpack and get them out when I do coffee shop writing, that’s how much I love these.

5-Carry-On Lightweight Hardshell Luggage:This suitcase has been a dream! I have packed it on several flights as well as car trips. I can fit everything I need for 10 days in it. The wheels run smoothly. The handle is the right size. It fits perfectly in the overhead compartment on a plane, and leaves plenty of room for the kids’ stuff when we travel by car.

I also swear by these Packing Cubes.When I’m packing kids’ things, they can each have one, and their clothes are separated and easy to get out in the hotel, even though I have them share a suitcase. For myself, I can pack different outfits in each one, or athletic wear in one, dressier clothes in another. The possibilities are truly endless. And the crazy thing is: THEY SAVE SO MUCH SPACE! I don’t know how it works, but it works. If you leave your home at all, buy these.

6-Chewy.comI’m a total convert. We have Gerta, the mini Schnauzer, Willow and Nona, two indoor/outdoor cats, Lemony, the cockatiel, and Fred and George, Denton’s gerbils. Chewy has excellent prices. For once, I went through and actually compared Gerta’s dog food at the pet stores in town, as well as Amazon, and Chewy was by far the least expensive. I’ve dealt with the customer service and they are so kind and helpful. You can sign up for an autoship so you don’t have to think about picking up dog food or gerbil bedding and you know you’re getting convenience AND great prices. Although I bet my delivery guy isn’t as thrilled as I am about discovering Chewy.com, since he now has to lug boxes of cat litter and dog food to my door.

7-Walmart pick up- I’ve been doing the Walmart pick up for well over a year. It has been LIFE CHANGING. I only go to the store once a week. I save money. I don’t buy impulse purchases because I’m not IN the store. It’s a huge saver for my brain too because shopping is extremely overwhelming for me and I almost inevitably end up exhausted with a headache if I have to do a big shopping trip. It’s completely FREE. We used to do the bulk of our shopping at Aldi, and then add in a Sam’s trip occasionally, and frequent stops to other stores here and there because I might not have had the list, or we forgot we needed something. Now, I just add things to the pick up list right on my phone as we notice we run out of something, or as I’m planning a recipe. It’s saving me so much money, energy, and time. I just can’t say enough good things about it.

8-Journaling Pens – Ive been using different styles of pens ever since I got into “planning” as a hobby and a life changer a few years ago. I finally settled on these as my true loves. The color options are numerous but not overwhelming. They don’t bleed through the paper. It’s easy to write quickly or fancily. I adore them. Buy them. You need these in your life.journaling pens you must have planner pens

9-Bluetooth Wireless Mouse-I do quite a bit of photo editing and graphic design, and the finger pad on a laptop just doesn’t cut the mustard. I had another wireless mouse before this one that didn’t either. This one is bluetooth, the battery lasts for-freakin’ ever, and best of all, it’s completely ergonomic.

I used to sell Cutco knives and we were supposed to tell people the handles were ergonomic, and I was all “What’s the big deal? A handle is a handle!” and now that I’m in my 40s, let me tell you, ergonomic is where it’s at, baby! It makes SUCH a big difference on how long I can comfortably edit or write, or let’s be honest, pin things on Pinterest. If you’ve been thinking of getting a wireless mouse to make your life easier, get this one!

I also bought a little Hard Travel Case for it which keeps it nice and safe in  my backpack, so it won’t get crushed like my other one did.

10-It Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream Moisturizer—this face cream was in my BoxyCharm.

I. Love. It.

If you’re old enough to know all the words to “Isn’t it Ironic?”, you’re old enough for face cream.

Up until trying this, I had been using a couple of different drug store brands and they were working just fine.

BUT this stuff, man!
It’s like I’ve been rubbing my face with Disney cherubs or something; I’m so smooth and dewy. Highly recommend.

Which one of these are you the most excited to try? What’s one of your current obsessions that I need to know about?

This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for clicking through and supporting this blog at no extra cost to you.

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