10 Things I Like About You

Guest Blogger Sam writes…
What I like about Bloggin’ Jessica:
1. She is willing to take long walks, even when she originally doesn’t want to.
2. Her laugh makes it seem like my jokes are WAY funnier than they really are.
3. She makes good cheese soup.
4. She makes cute babies.
5. She sneaks cookie dough out of MY refrigerator.
6. She thinks she’s just sweating, when really my baby has peed on her.
7. She really doesn’t get mad when she’s way losing in Pictionary.
8. She really is a “little different.”
9. She will hang out unwashed, unbrushed, unchanged (out of jammies) till early afternoon with me.
10. She has an open, honest, sharing, and easy going attitude that welcomes friendship.

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