1 month old

Here is my sweet little 12+ pound baby. Can you see the double chin, chubby cheeks and fat rolls starting to form at his joints? I’m so proud. I did that!

We haven’t seen a smile yet, but he’s taunted us with half smiles and smiles while he’s sleeping. We love those opportunities when he makes eye contact. He’ll just focus with so much concentration he crosses his eyes.

He’s a strong little fella. He can hold his head up and look wonderingly over our shoulders, which incidentally seems to be his favorite position in which to be held. He can hold his head up a little when he’s on his belly, and moves his arms and legs as if he’s trying to crawl.

He seems to have settled in to a bit of a routine, for which I am grateful. He still nurses frequently during the day, but takes a long morning nap and a long afternoon, and settles in for the night around 8 or 9, waking to nurse only a couple of times during the night.

We are really grateful we aren’t trying to cloth diaper right now because he needs changed A LOT, more frequently than the girls. A friend said her son was like that too, and they dubbed him Sir Poos-a-lot. I’m SO stealing that moniker.

And I need to add, we hate all diapers but Huggies. Every other brand won’t get him through the night, and since we co-sleep, that means I’m waking up with a wet bed at 4 a.m.

We just love this little bundle of sweetness sent straight down from Heaven! Like Aviana, “we dist tan’t teep our wips and hands off of him!” and like Brielle, we love to “tiss baby brudder. Bid Hud!”

11 thoughts on “1 month old

  1. He is precious! So cute. Love the update, thank you! Your girls are so cute too; I love how sweet they are about him!!

    Huggies are the best. Pampers gave my babies diaper rash. (Pampers Swaddlers for newborns worked, but not the normal ones size 2+) Generic diapers leaked all over the place for us, as did cloth, no matter how often we changed them. And I have to change Lexi ALL THE TIME! SO much more often than Dax! Our little high maintenence diaper babies. 🙂

  2. He’s huge ;). You’re doing great! I have found for my son too that Huggies are the only ones that work. Pampers are okay, but Huggies just seem so much better. Someone else told me that about her son too. With the girls it didn’t matter what kind of diaper I used, but these boy parts are different ;). They make things more difficult. Keep up the good work ;).

  3. Can he really be a month old already? Wow does time fly!

    I hear you on brand specifics.. I think each kid/body time first a different brand better. Incidentally none of mine did well with Huggies… Pampers for my son, Luvs for our middle child and well baby 3 is our “low maintenance child” and will wear whatever pretty much.

    I love the way you write out what your girls say so that you can practically hear them saying it… they are so precious.

  4. Awww….I love his chub! He has really grown in the last month and I can’t believe that much time has gone by already.

    Isn’t if funny how different diapers work for different people? I could only use Pampers with Hannah, started with Pampers with Emmy and despised Luvs and went through all the other brands eventually, and did the same with Maddie but ended up with Luvs. So weird.

  5. Awwwwww!!!!!! Jessica, has it really been a month already?! It feels like he was just born yesterday!!

    I love all 12 lbs of him! What a great job you are doing, mama!

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